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Hi all…

As some of you might have noticed, I moved to WordPress (after the Joomla installation I was running bit-rot due to a php upgrade of my hosting).

The content of the site is however still very old… If you care to see what I am up to more recently you are better of looking me up on:



Google Scholar :

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End of a Post-Doc code release spree..

As a end-of-a-post-doc activity I released the source code of several pieces of software:







How to check the consumption state of a manual-gear clutch.

When buying a used car you should check the clutch is ok… here is a mechanics-trick on how to do it.


to check the state of a clutch you can:

  1. pull-up the hand break completely
  2. put the gear-lever to a high-gear (e.g., 4)
  3. bring the engine high-up (as if you want to burn a light)
  4. release gently the clutch

Check the following:

  1. A good clutch will not slide and the result is that the car engine will shut-off (since the hand break is holding the car still, and the high gear is disadvantageous for the engine).
  2. A bad clutch will start sliding, the engine do not stop, the car doesn’t move, and you soon will smell dead-clutch.

In either case interrupt the experiment right-away (to avoid to further screw the poor clutch).


Enjoy your new car


XEN on OpenSolaris step-by-step

This article present is a webdiary of the installation of a XEN-based virtualized server. The Dom0 of choice is OpenSolaris, since it provides the nifty features of ZFS.

We are buying a fairly powerful machine, a:

 – 2xQuadcore XEON 2.2.6 Ghz 8MB cache

 – 24 GB RAM

 – 6 x 1TB Seagate 7200 RPM hot-swap SATA disks  (32MB cache)

This will be soon installed with OpenSolaris and we will try to virtualize with XEN, to host DomU with ubuntu (old and new), and maybe a Windows VM.